This History course revolves round the story of Human civilization through the Ancient, Medieval and Modern ages of India and Modern World. It is not just the history of rulers but ranges from political aspect to social, economic, religious, cultural aspects of human civilization.


Course details

  • Syllabus wise Preparation Sessions
  • Exclusive Map Learning
  • Previous Year Questions Discussion
  • Session-based Class Performance Assessments (Tests)
  • Model Exam in Paper 1 & 2

Session Advantage

  • Interlinking syllabus topics
  • Mastering exam techniques
  • Mapping Techniques
  • Uniqueness in answer writing
  • Handouts for remote topics






Ancient India

1st July 2024

26th July 2024

Medieval India

29th July 2024

16th Aug 2024

Modern India

19th Aug 2024

6th Sep 2024

World History

9th Sep 2024

20th Sep 2024